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 Content Update and Item Mall Launch!

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Thu 11 Nov 2010, 8:33 am

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Content Update and Item Mall Launch!


More Content has been added to DWO including the Wolf Lieutenant, Showdown and the Item Mall!

DWO Content

Game Modes
-Guild Mock Battle
-Guild Melee

Player Ranks
-Lt. Major
-Lt. Colonel
-Field General
-Support General
-Rear General
-Counselor General

-Up to Rank 4 in all weapons
-Hand Axe
-War Pick
-Twin Sabers
-Twin Maces
-Bronze Spear
-Iron Sword
-Tyrant Sword
-Nine Tails
-Twin Fans
-Strategists Fan
-Pirate Sword

-Mountain Path
-River Port

-18 Additional Quests have been added
-Single Player Quests
-Co-Op Quests (up to 4 players)
-Challenge Quests
-Chronicle Quests

-Gear up to 6
-Additional Gear has been added
-Cloaks have been added

-Japanese Voices have been added into the Game!
-Additional Upgrade Systems have been added into the game
-67 New Recipes have been added
-New Lieutenant: Wolf
-Reincarnation System
-Antiques Dealer now sells items (see below)

Announcing: The Item Mall!

We are proud to introduce the new Item Mall into Dynasty Warriors Online!

Items of different varities to help enhance gameplay can be purchased at the Antiques Dealer! You can find the Antiques Dealer in the Market area of the City, as seen below!

What are some of the items we can expect? There are quite a few items that will be available upon release, but to list a few:

  1. Ore
  2. Seven Star Sash - Some items found will be of higher quality.
  3. Confucian Classics - Gain 200% Honor!
  4. Large Dim Sum - Restores the Motivation of human Lieutenants to its maximum value.
  5. Armory - An armory that can hold up to four weapons.
  6. Wardrobe - A simple wardrobe. You can store up to 5 items per body part within it (You can only have one wardrobe in a house).

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Content Update and Item Mall Launch!

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